Ham and Pepper Frittata Baguette

One morning in April I got up at 4am to start a day trip to Old Greenwich, Connecticut.  The excuse was to cheer on my boyfriend at a race, but the excitement was also about checking this area out.  It was a great morning, but by 11:00am it already felt like we’d had a full day.  Gratefully we stumbled into The Sweet Peas Bakery, where we had a wonderful brunch, coffee and tea.  I munched on toasts spread with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon and capers.  

Just as enjoyable was stopping by the counter to load up on goodies before we left:  scrumptious carrot cake muffins, the best fresh doughnuts I’d ever eaten, and of course we had to grab their baguettes!  They had a heavenly crispy exterior and that tender and fluffy interior that you look for in a great baguette.  We saved one for the next morning for brunch and weren’t dissapointed – even the next day it made a great brunch sandwich, filled with a frittata made with what I had around that day, ham and green and red bell peppers.  Delish!  

Ham and Pepper Frittata Baguette

Serves 2

French baguette

1/2 a green bell pepper, chopped

1/2 a red bell pepper, chopped

1/2 a cup chopped baked honey ham

4 eggs

2 Tbsp milk

1 Tbsp each olive oil and butter, plus more for the bread

Salt and black pepper to taste

2-3 Tbsp grated Parmean cheese

Note:  you can make the frittata in one big skillet and then cut it in half to make two portions, or divide the ingredients in half and make two single servings in a small skillet, as I did here.


1.  Cut baguette into two pieces and then split lenghtwise.  Toast lightly and spread with olive oil or butter; set aside.

2.  In a non-stick skillet that can go in the oven, heat olive oil and add chopped ham, green and red bell peppers. 

3.  Sauté over medium-low heat until the ham has crisped up and the bell peppers have softened.

4.  Meanwhile, whisk the eggs in a bowl with the milk and season with a little salt and black pepper. 

5.  Add butter to the skillet, and when it has melted pour in the eggs.  Cook until the eggs are just beginning to set around the edges.  Top with grated Parmesan cheese.

6.  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and place frittata in the oven.  Bake until it is cooked through and slightly puffed and golden brown on top, about 10 minutes.

7.  Let rest for a minute then flip out onto a plate, fold in half with a spatula and fill the toasted baguette with the frittata.

That’s all there is to it!  A great baguette makes the sandwich.


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