A Morning in Old Greenwich, Connecticut

In April of this year my dear was all geared up to run the Greenwich Cup Half Marathon, something he’d been dreaming about and planning for some time.  Of course I wanted to be there to support him, and we both wanted to check out Old Greenwich for the first time.
What I didn’t realize until that weekend was that it meant I’d be getting up at 4:00am on a Sunday, tying on my sneakers, and rushing out to catch the early train on Metro North that would take us there just in time to register for the 7:00am starting line.

No problem, I said. We sped through the pitch dark morning along with other passengers on their way home from all nighters in the city, then hitching a ride at the Old Greenwich station with other runners so we wouldn’t have to walk the mile of road in the cold weather.  It was April in New York, and at 5 degrees below zero – a particularly cold weekend.  I had my feather down coat on but was freezing my toes in sneakers, wishing I had worn boots.  I wasn’t the one, of course, dressed in long tights and a long-sleeved jacket warming up to run 13.1 miles.  That was my honey.

So we stood at the beach at 1  Tod’s Driftway waiting for the race to begin.  And then they were off!

I waited patiently, enjoying the ocean view, and thinking about my dear happily sweating, running and toiling through the track.  They could have had some nice little coffee shop nearby, that would have been nice.  Old Greenwich appears to be largely residential, and while this stretch of beach is beautiful, it was not very “built up” which is its appeal to the wealthy who live here in peace and serenity, I have the feeling.

I got my cafe fix however, don’t you worry.  First my guy came busting through the finish line, got his medal, and we both devoured free bagels and orange wedges.  Then after a leisurely stroll down Shore Road and Sound Beach Avenue back in the direction of the train station we were led to this wonderful little bakery called “Sweet Peas’s Baking Company”.

We had a great brunch there, including a veggie omelette and smoked salmon toast with capers.  The best part was the take-away:  carrot cake muffins brimming with chopped nuts, bakery fresh donuts, and crisp baguettes to go.

Click here for my review of Sweet Pea’s Baking Company on Yelp.

We made Ham and Pepper Frittata sandwiches the next day with the baguettes, which were still crisp and fragrant the next day.

Click Ham and Pepper Frittata Baguette for my recipe.

A lovely morning in Old Greenwich, and I would come back to Sweet Pea’s Baking Company just for the donuts!


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